Answers to your Why’s!

“Why do you have to be away? “

Allow me to explain, if I may.

Night’s beautiful only after day.

Hurts me equally my love, to be away.

“Why are you so far? “

Far is beautiful too hon,

Just like the moon and star.

I have you here,

Right here in my heart.

It would take a million miles,

To do us apart.

The hugs though- won’t be warm,

No holding hands, no walking bys’.

We would still get lost though,

Looking into each other’s eyes.

My fingers won’t Caress your face,

Yours won’t stroll through my hair.

That’s the thing with life, hon –

It isn’t always fair.

We’ll still be together meow,

I haven’t figured out how!

You trespass into my dreams,

I’ll tiptoe in your thoughts.

I’ll read your mind,

You connect the dots.

Distance isn’t that mighty you see,

It too, at some point, ends.

You hold my hand tight babe,

And I’ll fight whatever he sends.

Distance stares at us with a smile,

But With time this too shall pass.

We’ll laugh back at it then,

Lying on the greener grass.

Just sit back everything’s gonna be fine,

After the rains cometh the sunshine,

The world still would be the Same,

Where I’m yours and you’re mine.



Gulping down his emotions,

And waving his hand,

 he said –

” You take care, OK?!

I’ll see you again.”

There started the engine

And the train horn blew,

Startled; Walking along the train

He uttered –

“I’ll miss you.”

His leg followed her lead,

As the train caught pace.

For all he knew, he was

Running a defeated race.

She had sobbed a lot already,

Now smiled with her eyes sore.

He ran with all his might to see her

A few seconds more.

Breaking loose of her control

She yelled –

” I’ll miss you too!”

Ending his chase he thought –

“If only like I do.”

With moist yet thirsty eyes

He let her go.

How empty he felt  now

She’ll never know.

If only she could see

His tear filled eyes.

If only she could decrypt

His heavy-hearted byes.

                                               -Sagar S. Rane

Keep Walking

At a place far far away from home I stand,

Without  a single soul to smile at, no one to hold my hand,

I look around at faces only to be stared back at in anonymity;

As I searched a known face on this strange alien land.

Why am I destined to take such a giant leap?

With this puzzled mind I walk alone confused,

As how can a new plant dig its roots so deep?

As how can a flock readily accept this new sheep?

So round I turn and down the road I stride,

When the distinct radiance of a place catches my eye.

With its doors locked, I hear known voices inside;

Just as I peep in from the window, I feel my senses defy.

Here they are, with their eminent looks and mesmerizing smiles

I see all of them gazing back at me.

A grin slaps across my face from one ear to another

A grin so wide, even the farthest could see.

Can I come in? I asked

This is just the place for me to be.

“Sure, my friend. But I’d be careful if I were thee.”

“For we are ghost of your past” they said

“This you can surely see but cannot BE!”

I strolled in through the door, right into my past,

What if forever these moments could last!

I looked at them awestruck! God. There were so many!

In most of them I saw just me, thinking- well time did vary.

For every ghost I glanced at, was reliving a different me;

All those smiles, all those talks, each recreated a memory!

Hours of conversations and tons of chatter,

Walking out the backdoor I thought-

There’s no way this could get any better.

And to prove me wrong, into the shimmering moonlight she stood;

Swear to god, I would have hugged her if I could.

The nostalgia poured from my eyes,

Her remembrance bloated my mind.

In the new place I seek someone just like her,

But for all I knew, she was just one of a kind.

I pulled her close and I held her tight,

Fought those tears with all my might,

For she alone has been the one to set things right.

“Join me in this new world” I said “for there is not a known face.”

Caressing my hair, she drifted out of my embrace.

“That’s your present, my love; accept it with grace.”

“I can’t start it all over again, it would never feel the same,

With you I was so much more, here I am just a name.”

“Don’t you see how fascinating that is?

That’s the beauty of the game!”

“New problems shall arise” I said “New problems to cope!”

“Do take the road less travelled” she said “but never elope.

Because in this new world of yours, my love;

All gets well with just a new Hope!”

“With these sesame doors slam shut forever,

These ghosts too shall disappear one day.

But for you my love, I shall always stay,

To guide you on your journey, in my own little way.”


Excerpts of the Past. ep1

The monsoon of the year 2011 had not only brought its usual yet most awaited rains but also to our surprise it had an unexpected pair of visitors at our place.

It was the very 1st rain of the season and thanks to the almighty it had rained heavily. I sneaked into the balcony with excitement. I could see the coconut trees in front of the building wobbling as and their leaves rustled. It was raining cats and dogs. The pedestrians hustled as the unanticipated rains showered them. Some just didn’t care much and let the piled up heat of the summers out.

As I continued to witness the nature’s drizzle, a pigeon fluttered right into my gallery. To my amazement in came another. I couldn’t help but wonder about these pigeons, who were 1st of their kind to exhibit such an act of bravery. But it was just because of these drastic rains. After all everyone has to make their choice; and rightfully they made theirs. They had a totally exasperated look upon their face and their bodies showed similar trends. They then settled in a corner of my gallery that was preoccupied with stuffs of no use. Their body shivered. They shook off their bodies to get rid of the water soaked in their feathers and wings. They were pretty much dried up and had summoned some heat when I saw them trying to fit in the cliché under the crooked chair. Of course they deserved some privacy.

It still continued to rain heavily. I could hear the rains hitting on my window and then falling apart. The lightning struck up there somewhere. Then a loud thunder came along; so loud that even I jolted. I peeped beneath the chair. I saw the couple all shrugged. They then snuggled together. They both had squeezed into each other. Though it was birds doing it, their fashion and expressions seemed quite familiar. I couldn’t think of a more protected place for those love birds to be. I gazed at them as I saw their eyes were closed and souls relieving with the fact of being under a shelter. Overwhelmed; i finished my coffee and crawled back into my life with glistened eyes.